Why You Should Pick iOS

Apple’s iOS operating system is elegant and simple. Apple delivers its promise of a great user experience whenever you interact with their iOS operating system, whether it’s on an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch. If you’re looking for reasons why you should pick iOS as your choice of mobile device platform, take a look at the following:

Great user experience

Using an iOS device is simply easy. Their gadgets don’t even come with full operation manuals since they’ve designed it to work intuitively. What you probably think is the way to control something is probably what it is. Menus and keyboards pop out automatically and you can even separate the keyboard if you don’t have a flat surface to type on. Basically, the interface works to adapt to you. Also, in case you were wondering, just pull the keyboard back together and it’s back to normal.

Free messaging

iMessage is basically free text messaging to any other Apple device. You can send texts and photos to people in other countries without any fee as long as they’re using an Apple deivece and they’re running at least iOS 4. There are apps that let you add emoticons to your messages that can only show up in other iOS devices. If you have a lot of relatives or friends abroad on an iPhone or iPad, you can message them without worry.


Video calling is now very common and Apple even has a native app for that. You can call anyone in the world for free as long as they are online at the same time as you are. If you’re running on a limited internet connection, using this app is even better than using your PC’s webcam and some other messaging service. FaceTime uses fewer resources than other video calling apps at the expense of camera power.


Another great native app on iOS is iBooks where you can read ebooks in various format. The interface is once again easy to use and you can upload LIT, PDF and EPUB files, which are common file types for ebooks. You just have to upload them to iTunes and sync with your device. Depending on the model of your device, you may be reading a comic book in very high quality display that it actually looks like the glossy paper the hard copy is printed on.

More apps to choose from

Compared to the Android OS, iOS has more apps available. There are some apps like RingCentral for your phone system, Temple Run and Evernote that can be found on both operating systems, but keep in mind that there are some apps that are exclusive to the App Store.

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