Why Social Media Marketing Has Become So Popular

Why Social Media Marketing Has Become So Popular

In just a few short years, social media has grown into a global phenomenon, with hundreds of millions of users all over the world. With so many people logging in to check on their accounts every day, it’s little wonder that businesses have begun to look at social media for their own marketing efforts.

So what prompted social media marketing to grow as quickly as it has?

Social media was not seen by many to be a good place to do business. The name ‘social’ wasn’t the only put-off, brands were concerned that encroaching onto the social sphere may be seen by many to be too informal. B2B firms almost across the board steered well away, feeling that their message would be lost on those heading to sites for social activities.

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This ‘fear’ of social media (as it became known) also manifested itself in another way; businesses simply did not know what to do as part of a social campaign. With the whole process being new and untested, there were no precedents to follow or no guidebook detailing a blow-by-blow account of what should be done.

What proved to be successful, however, was the new way of marketing, businesses which saw some of the best results from their social campaigns were the ones who provided their consumers with information, interaction and a forum to speak with other like-minded individuals.

Those who prescribed to the more traditional way of marketing found this reinforced their view that social media was indeed too informal a medium for their messages. Offering users information for free, whilst taking the time and effort to cultivate an avid user-base seemed like a great deal of effort for a marketing technique untested and largely unproven.

Before long, however, results began to filter through. Brands began to realise that by setting up a social media presence, they were reaching out to users earlier on in the buying process. This was a time the traditional marketers wouldn’t have been able to make contact as it’s a time when the user is still researching their purchase and do not feel ready to speak to a salesperson. Social media, however, can attract an audience and inform their buying process. All the while, the user is getting a good impression from the business as they build up an interactive relationship with them.

When the buying part comes and traditional marketers tried their sales patter, it was too late as the consumers had forged a relationship with the firm they’d connected to on social media. In short, the deal was done before the sales people could even try their old techniques.

As this went on, social media marketing became a much more viable tool for businesses, prompting countless firms to try it for themselves. Ultimately, even those dead against the idea originally couldn’t deny the results that were coming through as the medium was tested and then proven.

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