Top 3 Benefits of Using a Reseller Hosting Account

Getting the right hosting for your website(s) is important, whether your site is about corner hutches or affiliate marketing. Without good hosting, your site won’t go far. There are many types of hosting you can use, and one of the most beneficial is reseller hosting.

This type of hosting is much different than shared or dedicated sever hosting because it gives you the ability to do more. It’s the only type of hosting you can actually make money from selling the resources you are not using. The benefits that come with reseller hosting can help any internet marketers make more money. So here are the top three benefits in using a reseller hosting account.

1.  The Ability to Sell Hosting

With the right reseller account, you can brand the hosting as your own and sell it to others. With just a couple of hosting clients, you will pay for your entire package and your hosting is free. Start by choosing the amount of hosting you need, then sell the remaining portion as packages to others who need hosting. This is a great way to make money and get your hosting free.

2.  Separate Websites Easier

Instead of lumping all your websites together on one hosting account, you can split your reseller hosting account into sections for each website. This helps if you have a high traffic site that needs more resources than another site. You can assign more resources to the sites that need them and this makes it much easier to manage your websites.

3.  Sell Websites with Hosting

If you sell websites for a living or you want to, reseller hosting helps maximize your profits. You can sell the website with a hosting package for a few months or give away a free month. This will help the buyer understand that your hosting is quality and they will buy a package from you instead of another hosting company.

How Do I Find a Reseller Account?

Nearly every big hosting company offers reseller hosting, but they don’t all offer it at a good price. You want to make sure that your hosting comes from a top company or it could cause you to struggle. The price should be affordable and you will need to make sure you can upgrade for a larger package at any time.

If you want to make it easier on yourself, choose a company that supports your reseller account completely. They should offer payment processors, the ability to rebrand the hosting and other tools to help you sell the hosting.  This will give you the best options for your own hosting and for reselling the excess for profit.

Guest post contributed by CJ, a blogging enthusiast who enjoys blogging about everything from reselling hosting accounts to corner hutches.

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