Top Technology Companies To Work For in 2013

Recently, Fortune released their 2013 list of the “100 Best Companies To Work For” which includes many large tech corporations with Google at number one still maintaining the same position it held last year for the fourth time, the list also includes Facebook at number 75 as well as a number of tech giants like Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm, SAS, Rackspace, NetApp,, Hitachi Data Systems, and Intuit in between, Our dearly beloved Apple was no where to be found on that list.

We are concentrating on a few tech companies that made the list, here’s a concise list of top tech companies that made the list.

1: Google
2: SAS
11: Qualcomm
22: Intuit
34: Rackspace Hosting
42: Cisco
63: Hitachi
68: Intel
75: Microsoft

That’s ten out of 100 companies, not a bad prospect for a young IT graduate looking forward to starting a new career in the industry.

According to Fortune

The Internet juggernaut takes the Best Companies crown for the fourth time, and not just for the 100,000 hours of subsidized massages it doled out in 2012. New this year are three wellness centers and a seven-acre sports complex, which includes a roller hockey rink; courts for basketball, bocce, and shuffle ball; and horseshoe pits.

It will be recalled that LinkedIn released a similar list a few months ago. The first four out of the top five companies to work were in the technology and software sector: Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. According to LinkedIn, 21 out of the top 100 companies were in the Technology & Software sector still putting Google ahead of all the companies listed

These are the companies that made the list:

  • 1: Google
  • 2: Apple
  • 3: Microsoft
  • 4: Facebook
  • 13:
  • 14: Twitter
  • 25: Amazon
  • 35: Electronic Arts
  • 36: Samsung
  • 37: HP
  • 39: Netflix
  • 41: Groupon
  • 42: Zynga
  • 46: VMware
  • 49: RedHat
  • 60: Google
  • 74: IBM
  • 75: HTC
  • 81: Activision
  • 87: Adobe
  • 100: LivingSocial

Here’s what LinkedIn have to say on how it put all their data together:

We cross-referenced our data with thousands of survey responses to pinpoint the specific activities that best indicate familiarity and interest in working for a company: connecting with employees, viewing employee profiles, visiting Company and Career Pages, and following companies. After crunching this data and normalizing for things like company size, we developed our top 100 global list. We then applied LinkedIn profile data to rank the most sought-after employers among professionals in five countries and four job functions.

LinkedIn also released an infographic with more details based on geography, mostly in North America, take a look below:


Comparing the two lists from what we’ve gathered, Fortune is focused more on how great a workplace is based on what the company provides for the staff while LinkedIn is all about statistics to find out where people are looking to work, it is not a surprise getting 21 companies that are tech based on LinkedIn list as LinkedIn list is a social network, possibly most of the people that participated are tech savvy and more interested in tech companies, Let me know what you think about the two lists, which of the lists do you think gives a more accurate information?

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