Top 5 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on a Windows PC

While you may not realize it, your computer contains a ton of junk and other useless files that do nothing more than clutter your precious hard drive. Ridding your system of such files is a great way to ensure that your computer stays healthy and running smoothly. While there is a plethora of ways to dispose of such files ranging from the easy to the difficult, we will focus on the intermediary ones today in hopes of giving everyone a chance to speed up their own PC.

The following are the top five ways to free up disk space on a Windows PC.
1. CCleaner- CCleaner is a freeware program that, once installed, will quickly and easily enable you to remove unnecessary junk files such as temporary Internet files, log files, memory dumps, and more. The program also has a nifty recycle bin cleaner which can be set to run automatically if you are the type that is likely to forget.

2. Open up your “Downloads” folder and begin to do some spring cleaning. If you are an internet user, you have probably downloaded some files before. What you might not have realized, however, is that in doing so copies of files that you no longer need are sometimes kept in your Downloads folder. Cleaning out this bad boy can free up a lot of space. To do this, Click on Start >>All Programs >> Accesories >> System Tools >> Disk Clean Up

If this is done correctly, a popup window will come up while the system will calculate how much space you need to save, as you can see in the diagram below, I’ll be able to clean up 2.65 GB, select the files you want to clean up and click clean up system files

3. Duplicate Cleaner – If you have ever saved the same file twice then duplicate cleaner is the man for the job. By comparing a files md5 hash to another one, the program is able to find duplicate; songs, documents, zip file, images and more. Even if you do not believe that you have any duplicate files, running the cleaner might still be a good idea.

4. Revo Uninstaller – If you have ever downloaded a game demo, software program and anything else in between then the Revo Uninstaller will help you. Once installed feel free to activate “hunter mode” which will sniff out files that you may not even know about and allow you to delete them.

5. Disk Defragmenter – The last tip here is to try and run the disk defragmenter program on your machine at least once per month. This program will take big pieces of information on your hard drive and compress them into more manageable pieces for faster access. As a result the file size shrinks and thus you will have freed up some more disk space.

While there are more than five ways to free up disk space on your Windows PC, the aforementioned tips and tricks are easy enough for even the least skilled but effective enough for the consummate professional.

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