40 Useful iPhone Apps for Medical Doctors & Health Professionals

Apple’s iPhone is the best-selling and most popular smartphone in the world. Due to all of its amazing features, this should come as no surprise. Call quality is crystal clear, but you can do so much more than engage in phone calls, thanks to all the great apps that are available for download at the App Store. With these tools, you can keep organized, productive and knowledgeable. If you are a health professional, you will want to explore some of the top medical apps so you can have them right at your fingertips on your iPhone, listed below are the 40 Important iPhone Apps for Health Professionals.

40 iPhone Apps for Health Professionals

1. Journal of Clinical Oncology

This app serves its readers as the single most credible and authoritative resource for disseminating significant clinical oncology research. In print and in electronic format. JCO strives to publish the highest quality articles dedicated to clinical research. Readers can now access Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO) articles optimized for viewing on the iPhone and iPad.


2. LabGear

This is an award winning medical lab reference apps for health professionals, LabGear is the best pocket tool for Medical Laboratory tests with peer reviewed content for all health care professionals – students, physicians, nurses and is now with iCloud sync.


3. Unbound Medline

This App connects you to over 20 million journal citations and abstracts from PubMed via your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With this app, you can be able to perform searches and link to the publisher’s full text articles.


4. Micromedex

This is “a free resource for on-the-go access to the industry’s most trusted clinical reference information, providing users the peace-of mind of knowing the information is from Micromedex, coupled with the ease of use of iPhone and iPad. An internet connection is not required, allowing for access at anytime from anywhere.” This is a great apps for health professionals and Medical Doctors


5. Merck Manual

This is a top medical app for healthcare professionals, it is a digital version of its reference text that enables users to browse the app by section and by symptom, and the app automatically logs what sections users have read, no Internet connection is needed to access the great content of The Merck Manual.


6. Medscape

Medscape is a free app that comes courtesy of WebMD. It is essentially the mobile version of Medscape.com, a sub-website that is owned by the WebMD company. It is useful for medical professionals to have handy as it offers tons of helpful information on a variety of medical topics. With the app, you can receive all the latest medical news and alerts, information about drugs, illnesses and medical procedures. Download the app here.

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7. Skyscape Medical Resources

Skyscape Medical Resources is also free and is used by millions of medical professionals and other individuals in the healthcare industry. It is a great app to have if you need to access quick information on any number of medical issues, prescriptions or have to use a medical calculator. You will also get so many additional tools within this app, including customer support on a 24/7 basis. Download the app here.


8. iPharmacy – Pill Identifier Free and Medication Reference

iPharmacy – Pill Identifier Free and Medication Reference is a free app that is helpful to both patients and individuals who work in the healthcare field. Within the app, you can receive all the information you need on any number of pills (brand name and generic) and prescription references, discount cards, deals offered weekly by pharmacies and ratings. There is also access to a great online forum where you can interact with other people who use this app. You can even use a barcode built within the app to identify a specific prescription directly from the bottle. Download the app here.


9. Taber’s Medical Dictionary for Mobile + Web

Taber’s Medical Dictionary for Mobile + Web is free and is a great app for any medical professional to have on their iPhone. It contains the most critical medical information you need and it delivered in a quick and convenient manner right at your fingertips. There is up to 30 percent more medical terminology found within Taber’s than any other medical related app, making it the top medical dictionary used by health professionals. In addition, it provides 1,000 photos of medical related issues and offers the most comprehensive information you can find anywhere. It even shows you the proper pronunciations of medical terminologies. Download the app here.


10. Psych Drugs

Psych Drugs is another free app that is one of the best for medical professionals who are in the psychiatric field. With it, you will receive all of the most important and helpful information about various psychotropic medications, including anti-psychotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and mood stabilizers. You can quickly located information on any psychiatric drug in a convenient alphabetical manner or via the A-Z side panel. Download the app here.


More Useful Apps For Health Professionals & Medical Doctors

11. GoMeals

The new GoMeals now includes Now GoMeals includes tools for eating healthy, staying active, and tracking your blood glucose levels. “Powered by the CalorieKing nutritional database, GoMeals allows you to search thousands of foods and dishes from popular restaurants, grocery stores and the items you have in your own kitchen to easily see the nutritional value (i.e. calories, carbohydrates, fats, protein, etc.) of the foods you eat.”

12. WebMD Pain Coach

This app puts you in control of your lifestyle choices so you can review personal patterns to understand triggers, set goals, and easily share progress with your physician. This app is specially designed for people with head pain, neck pain, nerve pain, Fibromyalia, Migraine, enjoy a personalized experience as physician-reviewed tips related to your specific condition are delivered daily to you.

13. Patient

“The Mayo Clinic Patient app is an easy to use tool that is available to everyone, allows access to the latest news, publications, and health information from Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic patients also have access to their personal medical record, appointment schedule and other services using their Patient Online Services account.”

14. Diabetes App – blood sugar control, glucose tracker, and carb counter

“Blood sugar control is often the central theme when it comes to diabetes management. Diabetes Buddy is built to help you manage your diabetes by: Managing your activities and exercises, Tracking the factors that influence your blood sugar level; Monitoring the fluctuations; Planning ahead accordingly; Sharing your data with your doctor.

15. HealthTap

“HealthTap is the best way to quickly find, trusted, reputable doctor answers to health questions anytime, anywhere for free!. Find the best doctors for you, and schedule a time to see them in person right from the app! We have more than 1.2 million doctors in the deepest and most comprehensive mobile doctor directory”

16. First Aid by American Red Cross

“Accidents happen. The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. Get the app and be prepared for what life brings. This app comes with videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know first aid.”

17. Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter

“Cardiograph is an application which measures your heart rate. You can save your results for future reference, keep track of multiple people with individual profiles, add notes and locations, and even print out your measurements for sharing or safe keeping. This app uses your device’s built-in camera to take pictures of your fingertip and calculate your heart’s rhythm – the same approach used by professional medical equipment!”

18. iMuscle (NOVA Series)

“ This is an award winning app that enables you to get the most out of your workout. iMuscle is a sophisticated workout aid that can be taken anywhere. Use it to identify a body part or individual muscle by zooming into a 3-Dimensional human body with the musculature exposed. Then access all the exercises associated with the development / rehabilitation of that muscle.”

19. WiScale

“This application allows you to easily monitor essential health and fitness data: weight, fat mass, lean mass, BMI, blood pressure and heart rate. With this app, you can check changes in health trends with just a glance. Combined with the wifi body scale and/or blood pressure monitor for iOS Device, the Withings app is invaluable. All your data is automatically recorded and available under the application, without lifting a finger. Weigh yourself and measure your blood pressure; Withings will do the rest!”

20. DocBook MD

“This is a free FREE communication tool for physicians who are members of a participating medical society, DocbookMD allows physicians to send X-rays, EKGs, and other patient information directly to their colleagues for quick consultations, it allows fast, secure, HIPAA-compliant multi-media messaging between physicians to enhance patient care”


21. PubMed On Tap

With this app, you can search your personal reference library, organize your references in groups (static and smart), and email references from your device to yourself or others in a form suitable for reading or importing into desktop reference management applications. Many features are optimized for reference retrieval and management (advanced boolean searches, search for Full Text or Free Full text, recall recent searches, etc.).

22. Johns Hopkins Guides (ABX, HIV, Diabetes)

This is the official Johns Hopkins Guides from Johns Hopkins Medicine and Unbound, it puts authoritative, need-to-know information that is easily accessed, promptly applied, and frequently updated on the web as well as an iOS devices to help you raise the standard of care. This series of comprehensive references, created by the experts at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, includes the Johns Hopkins ABX Guide, Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide, and Johns Hopkins HIV Guide. The Johns Hopkins Guides are updated regularly and arranged in a way that lets clinicians easily browse or search for content. Choose any combination of the ABX, Diabetes, and HIV Guides to save money and answer questions in one mobile app and on the exclusive Johns Hopkins Guides website.


This application was developed to assist primary care clinicians identify the screening, counseling, and preventive medication services that are appropriate for their patients. The ePSS information is based on the current recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and can be searched by specific patient characteristics, such as age, sex, and selected behavioral risk factors.

24. Doximity

Doximity is The Professional Network for Physicians, this app is only accessible to verified US physicians, and it offers a medical directory and communication tool that includes 100,000 doctors already in the network.

25. Visual DX

“VisualDx combines expert medical knowledge, standardized terminology, intelligent search, and the best medical images to deliver concise and accurate answers. It is the only medical application to represent the variation of disease presentation through age, stage, and skin type, VisualDx Mobile addresses the key complexities faced by many clinicians today when diagnosing dermatologic and other visual conditions.”

26. NEJM This Week

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM.org) is the world’s leading medical journal and website. NEJM publishes peer-reviewed research and interactive clinical content for physicians, educators and the global medical community.

27. Medicine Central from Unbound Medicine

Medicine Central is an integrated mobile and web reference built specifically for physicians, residents, students, and nurse practitioners that includes 5-Minute Clinical Consult, A to Z Drug Facts, Drug Interaction Facts, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, and MEDLINE Journals.

28. Epocrates

Access Epocrates’ trusted clinical resources faster and more conveniently than ever, now elegantly designed for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch. More than 1 million active members, including 50% of U.S. physicians, rely on Epocrates to enable better patient care by delivering the right information, right when it’s needed.

29. Cancer.Net Mobile

Cancer.Net Mobile includes up-to-date guides on 120 types of cancer, with information about treating cancer, managing side effects, managing the cost of care, and living with cancer. Use interactive tools to keep track of questions to ask doctors and record voice answers. “Accurate oncologist-approved cancer information from Cancer.Net, with tools to help plan and manage your cancer treatment and care. From the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).”

30. MyChart by Epic

“MyChart gives you access to your lab results, appointment information, current medications, immunization history, and more on your mobile device.”


31. Pillboxie

“Pillboxie is the easy way to remember your meds. Other med reminder apps are either too complicated or just downright boring. Pillboxie is easy because it lets you *visually* manage your meds. Scheduling a reminder is as easy as dropping a pill into a pillbox.”

32. WebMD Baby

“The new WebMD Baby app has quick access to trusted and physician-approved baby health and wellness information anytime, anywhere. Personalized for a baby’s specific age, the WebMD Baby app delivers timely physician-approved guidance, helping parents stay informed and one step ahead of their baby’s growth and development.”

33. iBlueButton Veterans

“This app was created by a physician-Veteran team for use by Veterans based on the multiple award winning iBlueButton technology (U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Under your own control, the Humetrix iBlueButton Veterans App provides automated, secure download and exchange of Blue Button records anytime, anywhere. With the App, you can “Push” in real time these records (along with other records) to a doctor’s iPad running the iBlueButton Professional App who will be able to send you back other important health information for you to keep and share with other health care providers.”

34. Diabetes Nutrition by Fooducate

“Control your carbs, lose weight, eat real food. Fooducate grades your groceries, explains what’s really inside each product, and offers healthier alternatives for people living with diabetes. Brought to you in cooperation with Sanofi Diabetes U.S. This app boasts of the largest database of UPCs – over 200,000 unique products and growing.”

35. iBGStar Diabetes Manager

“The iBGStar Diabetes Manager app combines the latest in interface design, data management, and mobile technology to help you better manage your diabetes information. With it, you can record, track, manage and share your data — anytime, anywhere. This app also seamlessly integrates with the iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitoring System, the first meter designed to directly connect to iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S or iPod touch 2 / 3/ 4.”

36. Withings Health Companion

“The Withings Health Companion is the simple way to take care of yourself and stay healthy. It’s free to download and is designed for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds, exercise more, keep an eye on their blood pressure, or sleep better.”

37. ZocDoc

“This app enables you to find and book doctor appointments in 3 simple steps.”

38. VueMe

“VueMe is intended to be used by patients for the non-diagnostic viewing of medical images. Image data can be transferred to the device by using MIMcloud. MIMcloud is a secure, Internet-based medical imaging service that provides a central, easily accessible resource for storing, sharing, and viewing. Visit www.mimcloud.com to learn more and create an account.”

39. Walgreens for iPad

“This exclusive Walgreens app feature lets you use your iPad’s camera to order refills in seconds. Take a picture on your iPad, upload it to your Walgreens photo album, and pick up the print in about an hour. Find the store nearest you with GPS positioning. Flip through your Weekly Ad with the flick of a finger to find exclusive in-store savings. Then add the great deals you find to a shopping list and share them with friends and family.”

40. Proloquo2Go

“Proloquo2Go provides a full-featured augmentative and alternative communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. It provides natural sounding text-to-speech voices (CURRENTLY AMERICAN, BRITISH and INDIAN ENGLISH ONLY), high resolution up-to-date symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, a default vocabulary of over 7000 items, advanced word prediction, full expandability and extreme ease of use.”

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