Essential Content Marketing Tactics You’re Missing

Content Marketing Tactics You’re Missing

Are you trying to build a stronger brand? Are you trying to build more awareness to your online company? Are you trying to improve rankings in the search engines? If the answer is yes you are, but haven’t been unable to accomplish such things in the past with different Internet marketing techniques, then maybe you haven’t tried guest posting yet.

We all know that creating and sharing valuable free and compelling content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers is an essential key for growth in any online business, high-quality informative, educational and/or entertaining content that is customised or aligned to buyer personas and sales-cycle stages is one of the best strategies to get your targeted visitors and convert those leads to buyers. Recent statistics shows that one of the most common forms of content marketing is blogging, second to only social media but setting up a blog like any other person cannot get you there, you need a good content marketing strategy, let’s take a look at some of the content marketing strategies you might be missing.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is asking to blog on another blog that you do not own to try to get your name out there by creating really valuable content. There are many different ways to get starting in the guest blogging world. Here are a few simple Google searches and tips you can use to get started for your prospecting.

Your Keyword + intitle:”write for us” “Guest Writers”

You know the little blue link that pops up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) that tells you the title of the page that you click on to visit a website? Well that tells you the pages title and when you add the little “intitle:” operator in your search term it will only pull results that have whatever you include in the operator – in this case titles that have the phrase “write for us” in it. When you add your niche, or targeted keyword to this it becomes a search that is filled with relevant guest posting opportunities – whether you niche is SEO or mobile network performance monitoring.


Myblogguest is the biggest community of guest bloggers. And it allows you to totally automate the outreach process when it comes to guest posting and webmaster to webmaster communication. Instead of spending hours trying to find the perfect blog to guest post on and then another few hours trying to contact that person - hoping that they will in fact contact you back – all you have to do is write your article and then wait for bloggers to come scoop it up.

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They do this by bidding on your article where there “bid” is there website. It isn’t rare that you get around 5-10 different blogs that are interesting in publishing your article once you upload it into the MyBlogGuest articles gallery, and it is a great way to begin scaling your guest posting needs.

Set Up Email alerts

Did you know that you can set up email alerts to know when specific new web pages get created on the web? In the case of guest posting it would be a very great idea to set up a custom Google alert to find out whenever a page with the parameters intitle:”write for us” gets created. You will probably get around 5-10 results each and every day in your email, and the best part about it is that you will be one of the first ones to the punch!

There are lots of different types of alerts that you can create with Google so you should definitely spend a lot of time researching and testing.

Use Buzzstream

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Buzzstream is a contact relationship management system as well as a tool that is used for scaling up your link building opportunities. It is one of the best known link building tools within the Internet marketing community and has an awesome user Interface as well as many cool link discovery abilities that will report where you are getting your links from. It’s not only great for guest posting and scaling up webmaster to webmaster outreach, but it’s also good for building all sorts of different links and it is definitely something that is recommended.

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