Smartphone Usage in South Africa [Infographic]

Another awesome infographic created by the talented designer, Grant Barnard together with Elizabeth Joss. The essence of this infographic is to highlight some of the latest information on the smartphone usage in South Africa. Research was conducted in several areas that include telecommunications, general internet users, internet access, social network users, mobile operators, how South Africans use smartphones as well as the advantages of mobile marketing.

The Infographic shows that there are 29 million units in South Africa making cell phones the most popular telecommunication devices by far, it is interesting to note that 2.48 million South Africans accessed the internet via cell phones only. By contrast, 6.2 million used computers, laptops or tablets – of which 90% used their cell phones simultaneously with over 10 000 000 registered users. MXit is South Africa’s most popular social network and surprisingly, it is leagues ahead of Facebook, BBM and Twitter, interestingIn terms of market share. Statistics shows that Vodacom is leading the market with a 41% share while MTN trails at 40%. It is interesting to note that 70% of mobile subscribers do not own a landline, pretty much like Nigeria where landline in homes is almost non existent as a result of the introduction of mobile

Let’s take a look at the infographic below for more

Smartphone Usage in South Africa

Smartphone Usage in South Africa

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