Should Small Businesses Invest in a Mobile Version Website?

Should small business owners invest in a mobile version of their business website or not has been a serious matter of debate for quite a long time. It depends on one’s personal opinions, ideas and perceptions when it comes to investing resources for a mobile version website, but the statistics show a desperate need of such a step.

The need for mobile version websites has been knocking at the door for the past couple of years. However, with the recent advancement in mobile technology and introduction of different tablets and iPads, etc. investing your time and resources in designing a mobile version website has almost become an imperative decision to take.

Why is it Necessary for Small Businesses to Invest in a Mobile Version of their Website?

It is necessary for small businesses to invest in a mobile version of their website, mainly because it is an absolute need of time right now. Moreover, as the time goes on, this need is going to become bigger only. For the past couple of years, using mobile devices for surfing on the internet and doing business have become a growing trend. In the past 2 years, this ratio has been increased by 500%. Moreover, for doing online shopping or business, 43% of the people use their mobile phones and devices. This means that if your website does not have a mobile version, then you lose around 43% of your potential customers – which is too big a number to ignore.

Among all the business types, small businesses need to invest their time and resources in a mobile version of their website as soon as possible. Unlike the big giants, small businesses face fierce competition because of too many sellers and no dominancy of their brand name. Having your mobile website can give you a great edge over your competitors, and you can even knock them out.


This theory can be supported and justified by the following two facts:

1.    Approximately, 93% of all the small businesses do not have a mobile version of their websites. In short, 93% of small business websites cannot be rendered properly on a mobile phone or a mobile device. This means that by having a mobile version of your website, you can jump ahead of those 93% small businesses.
2.    After having a bad mobile experience with a small business website, approximately 40% of consumers shift to their direct consumers for the same type of transaction. This means that you can easily snatch an average of 40% share of customers from your direct competitors if they do not have a good mobile website.
To gain such a high level of customer base, a small business needs to invest tons of money on advertisement and marketing.

Negative Impacts of Not Having a Mobile Compatible Website:

Following are some negative impacts of not having a mobile compatible website for your small business:

•    Approximately 23% of your possible customers are not likely to do business with you if you do not have a properly working mobile website.
•    You will not be exposed to local searches done using mobile devices, and approximately 51% of people use their mobile phones for local searches.
•    You lose approximately 43% of smartphone users who use their smartphones for online shopping.
•    You lose another 57% of your customers, who do not recommend doing business with an organization who does not have a mobile version of their website.


In short, a mobile version of your website has become an absolute necessity for your survival. Sooner or later, you will have to step up and make a mobile version website. So, why not invest your resources now?

Today’s author, Matt Fuller, works for Website Hotline, and specializes in small business web design.

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  • Felix Kimaru

    What devices are mobile? To me the debate should be on building websites for all devices, whether TV, laptops, Smartphones, tablets etc. There are two many screen sizes outside there and if you target one then you are definitely loosing the other mass. Therefore, every website should be adaptable and responsive from the inception of a website.

  • marcvann8

    Yes! There are roughly 1.2 billion mobile Web users in the world. This number is growing every day. More and more businesses, both big and small, are catching on and establishing a mobile Web presence. With these numbers, you might want to think about investing the time and the dime into mobile marketing for your small business obviously. Technology is there for us to be abused, abuse in the sense of productivity and well fare for the common good and not in elicit and illegal means.

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