Travelstart Travel Agency Launches in Nigeria

Travelstart Online Travel Agency Launches in Nigeria

Travelstart, Africa’s leading online travel agency, recently announced the beta launch of its Nigerian website www.travelstart Already popular in South and East Africa, the African website offers Nigerian travellers a great set of tools to help them search and buy the travel options that best meets their budget and requirements.


In the words of Stephan Ekbergh, CEO of Travelstart, “We’ve launched Travelstart in beta as we want to start testing market acceptance in Nigeria. Nigerians are known to be early adopters when it comes to technology and online activities and we’ve already seen how well Internet users have taken to the stripped down, beta version of our website. The plan is to incrementally roll out additional functionality based on market demands to ensure we have the best possible product for the Nigerian online travel audience when we launch the full website later this year”. The website will compete with Wakanow founded by Obinna Okezie, a former NBA star

Travelstart was founded in Sweden in 1999 by Stephan Ekbergh. Before launching the website, Ekbergh founded Sweden’s first online travel agency, Mr Jet in 1995, in In 2010, Travelstart Nordic was sold to eTRAVELi and the company headquarters was moved to Cape Town, South Africa.












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  2. I like to take a break during the my day and look through some blogs to see what others are saying. This blog appeared in my search and I could not help clicking on it. I’m happy I did because it was a very interesting read.

  3. Owen Jhopes says:

    I wonder if they provide some information about travelling to Nigeria. I was planning a trip to Port Harcourt but do not know where to get cheap flights to Port Harcourt. Can you suggest me any particular airline to ask for. I currently rely on Reliance Travels for travelling to Africa. Thanks in advance for your help.