New iPhone Concepts of the Future

A few days back, Apple finally made the iPhone 5 official – at their September 12th media event in San Francisco, everything was finally revealed and we got to see the iPhone 5 in all its stunning glory. The iPhone 5 treats us to a new design, something which we don’t see very often from Apple, so it’s always a very nice surprise when they do.

The iPhone 5 design is very attractive, even though it’s somewhat similar to the iPhone 4S design – Apple claim that they take changing the iPhone very seriously and never set out to make a new phone, but instead, set out to make their current one better.

In this post we take a look at some of the awesome concept designs which creative individuals have put together, giving us their take on what could be in store for the iPhone in the future.

I wonder what the future has in store for the iPhone; will we ever see anything resembling any of these concepts? They would certainly make attractive gadgets! Keep reading to see my three favourite concept iPhone designs.

The Official iPhone 5 Design

This is the official iPhone 5 design which Apple unveiled on September 12th. You can purchase the iPhone 5 from stores as of September 21st!

New iPhone #1

This concept reminds me a lot of the iPhone 4S, it’s a very similar shape, but it just looks a lot more sleek. It’s slimmer and the metals or materials used have a really nice shine to them, not like the duller looking 4S. You’ll also notice the home button is a different shape.

I really love this design and would love to see something like this in the future. It would be great if some of these designs could work on getting hardware modification kits made so we could turn our devices into these concept phones!

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New iPhone #2

This is my favourite design; it was designed by the French designer, Antoine Brieux. This is a design which I think Apple would be proud of if they saw it. I couldn’t imagine any complaints coming in if Apple turned around and released this as the new iPhone 5 – I prefer it to the official new iPhone which is going to be released next month!

The curved glass would make production hard though I imagine, and more expensive? Still a very lovely concept idea though.


New iPhone #3

This is probably the most out there of all the designs, and it comes in the form of a wearable device. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine many of my friends using something like this, but I thought I’d put it in here as it is really creative and looks like something you might see in a Sci-Fi movie or something.

Which is your favourite concept? Have you seen another amazing concept elsewhere which I have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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