Is Your iPad Green Enough? [Infographic]

With Apple selling millions of iPads every quarter, iPad has become undoubtedly one of the most popular gadgets on earth, there’s no doubt it’s use has helped humanity in several ways, devices like iPods and iPhones are becoming increasingly important in our lives. However, if those iPods, iPads and iPhones are eventually discarded without proper recycling, the electronic wastes emanating from them will no doubt become detrimental to human health, the impact to the environment cannot be over emphasised.

iPad from Apple is a revolutionary piece of technology that is more advanced than any other thing we have seen in the world of tablets,  with prices that ranges from as little as $499, it’s only a matter of time before this product makes it to every homes but the question that is probably in many people’s mind is what will be the effect of these gadgets on our environment, How much impact will Apple iPads have on our environment, How green is the new iPad.

Although Apple has stated that iPad have environmental features, but truth be told the Apple iPad is about as green as any piece of technology like this can get. Looking at it from the other way round, a gadget like an iPad is an e-reader that allows anyone to store and read all of their once paper documents on the device, without doubt, this will reduce the amount of trees cut down for the use of printing. It should also be noted that iPad doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals:

  • iPad is made of arsenic free glass
  • iPad is made of Mercury free LCD
  • The body is made of recyclable aluminium and glass
  • It only uses 2.5 watts of power, 20% of what is required to run a fluorescent bulb

The problem with iPad is that it is designed to be a supplement to other devices. It doesn’t replace full sized desktop or laptops and not too many people are going to replace their iPod with the 9 inch iPad. People also don’t normally recycle their older iPads once it reaches its end life, older electronic gadgets normally ends up in a bin or landfill, hence contributing to the e-waste problem. Eventhough it is highly recyclable but nobody does this, with no stable e-waste recycling laws in place, iPads could become a direct source of e-waste.

Before we proceed to the infographic below, you can take a look at the documents below brought to you in a chronological order. We hope you will find them useful!

Useful Doucments:

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iPad Environmental Reoprt

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The infographic below, created by, breaks down the environmental footprint of the new iPad. The data is based on research compiled by the company.

How Green is the New iPad?

how green is the new iPad

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