How to Make Smiley Faces for Facebook

I’m a smiley face junkie when it comes to writing letters, but especially emails. After writing a letter, I’ve realized it’s a smart idea for me to go through and edit out most of my “smiles” so that I don’t look like I have a permanent goofy grin on my face all the time… I don’t (as far as I know…) but as I write, I smile at different thoughts that flow through my mind to my fingers. Then on the other end as I read through my text, I see the faces much faster than the speed at which I wrote them. Looking at it from my hapless reader’s perspective, I can delete many and still convey the feeling I want.

‘Emoticons’ are very useful for getting certain emotions across through print. For example, if you want to tell someone sarcastically that you had a great time doing paperwork (hardly likely…), you can type that sentence, and throw in a face with its tongue sticking out to show you weren’t really serious.

Facebook has become so popular that it’s now considered part of the counter culture to NOT have an account. If however you are one of those who caved at some point, and became one of the masses who owns and uses an account (like myself… now chant after me, “From many we are one, from many we are one…”), you may want to know how to better express yourself through smiley faces. (Just kidding on the chant above… :)

Learning how to add smiley faces to Facebook is slightly different than through a !Yahoo email account in that the “emoticons” don’t show up in their fully formed state until after being published. So having some knowledge of the symbols that create different faces is very useful when trying to use them for the-website-who-shall-not-be-named applications. Some are intuitive for most of us who have been using computers since grade school (or some since birth for those who’s parents picked up plastic toy computers for them and added them to the crib decor as soon as they moved in…) The traditional smiley face for example is the same for Facebook as for most other email programs including !Yahoo, and consists of the colon followed by the right hand parentheses symbol. Put these symbols right next to each other like this, ” :) “.

If you want more complicated emotions, or even a picture of a man’s head (trying to think of when I would need this one…) to be inserted into a message or post, simply write ‘putnam’ in-between two colon symbols like this, “:putnam:”. Below you’ll find how to add variations on the smiley face theme through Facebook. Happy emoting, and maybe we’ll be virtual friends someday… :)

:) = Happy:D = Really happy;) = Wink^_^ = Happy eyes

>:o = Laughing eyes

:3 = Cat smile

>:-( = Grumpy

:( = Sad

:’( = Crying

:o = Shocked

8) = Glasses

8-| = Cool shades

:p = Tongue

O.o = Woot?!

-_- = Dork

:/ = Duhhh

3:) = Devil

O:) = Angel

:* = Kiss

:v = Pacman

:|] = Robot

:putnam: = Dude

<3 = Love

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