How To Install Windows 8 on Your MacBook or iMac

Windows 8 has just been released two days ago, since the consumer preview release of Windows 8, many enthused windows fans have now installed the much anticipated operating system on their Mac hardware. Like many Windows based products, there are difficulties stopping them from using Windows 8 on their Mac, without sacrifice of course.

With earlier versions of Windows, there were three solutions to getting the Windows OS on your Mac

The First method and the least recommended is replacing the complete OS, and losing all features brought to the table by the Mac OS X. The Second method is to use Parallels Desktop, the last method is to utilize the Boot Camp application and use a dual boot setup to access the operating system you want.

In this post, we are going to discuss How To Install Windows 8 on Your MacBook or iMac using the Boot Camp method

Installing Windows 8 on your MAC using Boot Camp is a relatively simple task that takes little time. You need to get a bootable copy of the Windows 8 setup disc. Also it’s suggested that you confirm any pending updates for OS X.

The Boot Camp Assistant utility can be found by going to Applications and then the Utilities folder - Applications -> Utilities -> Boot Camp Assistant. Another way to get to the Boot Camp applications is to use the keyboard shortcut by typing in COMMAND + SPACE, which will prompt the OS X’s start menu search query. Type in the command “boot c” and press the ENTER key. After it gets running it will guide you through the setup with a nice and easy wizard, follow each step carefully so won’t have to back track.

Note: This process will require you to partition your computer’s hard drive. While the process of hard drive partitioning with Boot Camp Assistant will generally not result to any loss of data, but you can’t really guarantee anything when computers are involved, if anything goes wrong, you could lose some important data, plan for worst case scenario and back up your data please.

I have to stress it again: Remember to Backup your data (very important)

Now insert your Windows 8 DVD, once it’s started the Windows 8 installation utility will go through the basic steps of setting up a new operating system just like the wizard. Be sure you choose custom install when asked at the type screen, and choose the correct partition, meaning the one without your current OS X installed on it. The appropriate partition to choose should be BOOTCAMP, and keep in mind that you will need to format this partition with the advanced option or it won’t allow you to continue with the setup.

After Windows 8 is installed there are a few post installation tasks that you’ll need to complete. First, check the device manager and it’ll show you that you still have to install the Apple Boot Camp drivers before the installation is 100% complete. To do this, insert the driver disc you created when asked to do so by the Boot Camp Assistant, the files will automatically install themselves and ask you to reboot. There you have, the simple way to install the Windows 8 operating system on your MAC.

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