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Over the years Facebook has become one of the most visited, most popular and most important websites. It has redefined what social networking means for both personal and business use and when Facebook makes a major change to how the site operates it has tens of millions of users worldwide clamoring to figure out how to make it work best for them. Enter, then, the Facebook timeline.

This shift from the standard Facebook profile page that every user had become so accustomed to is a major shift. It takes anything a Facebook user has ever done on the site and organizes it into a scrollable timeline of photos, texts and links to other events. From the birthdate at the very bottom of the timeline all the way up to the last activity performed on Facebook every click is chronicled. Wall posts, photos and events attended are all arranged chronologically and can be searched.

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The big question among users now is how to enable the Timeline to replace a current, standard profile page. That is as simple as going to Facebook and clicking a link. The main Facebook page features a clickable headline reading “Introducing Timeline.” Simply click that link and on the resulting page click “Get It Now” and timeline will become active on your profile. This adds it in its most basic form, importing all the old information from your standard profile and adding it in the correct areas on the new timeline.

It’s when looking at how to flesh out the timeline and make it uniquely yours that things get more involved and the sheer scope of the feature become apparent. Because timeline features so many new additions that require modification on the part of the user, everyone is given seven days from the time it is activated until the time is becomes visible to the rest of the Facebook world. This allows ample time to change various photos, add and eliminate important information and events and modify sharing settings.

The cover photo is a secondary profile picture that takes up a banner-sized portion of the top of the timeline. This can be added and modified in the photos section the same way a standard profile picture is. Stories can now be hidden individually from the timeline with the click of a small “X” button, and others can be starred to make sure they remain visible to everyone. Once you are satisfied with the changes and additions made to this new profile you can either wait the seven days for it to become live to the public or hit the “publish now” button on your page to make it happen immediately. Either way use caution, because once a switch to the timeline is made there is no going back to the old Facebook profile format.

You can learn more about Facebook Timeline here

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