Glo Mobile Internet Subscription Plans and Activation Codes (BIS)

Globacom launched in Ghana on 29th April 2012, We have done an article that will guide you to set up your internet subscription. Below is the Glo Mobile Ghana Blackberry BIS Subscription Plans and  Activation Codes. Please do not include the quotation marks around the sms short codes (e.g “bisweek”) when sending your sms to 777 in all the plans below. Also, don’t leave a space between the “bis” and the “day” it is one word.

Glo Mobile

Glo Mobile Ghana Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Subscription Plans and Activation Codes

1. Glo Mobile Daily plan (bisday):

Specs: The daily BIS plan from Glo Ghana lasts for a 24hrs period and comes with a 250MB data bundle.

Cost: Ghc 1.50 (i.e 1 Cedi, 50 Pesewas)

Activation Code: send “bisday” by SMS to 777

2. Weekly Plan (bisweek):

Specs: The weekly BIS plan from Glo Ghana lasts for a 7 days period and comes with a 1GB data bundle.

Cost: Ghc 10 (i.e 10 Ghana Cedis)

Activation Code: send “bisweek” by SMS to 777

3. Monthly Plan (bismonth):

Specs: The weekly BIS plan from Glo Ghana lasts for a month and comes with a 4GB data bundle.

Cost: Ghc 29 (i.e 29 Ghana Cedis)

Activation Code: send “bismonth” by SMS to 777


After sending your SMS to 777, you will be told that your BIS is being activated that you should reset your BB by removing the battery and putting it back again. When your network is turned back on, if your BIS was successfully activated, you should see a Blackberry logo just beside your network bar on your phone’s home screen.

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Glo Mobile Nigeria Blackberry BIS

The monthly BlackBerry Subscription Plan for Glo mobile is now N2,800 while Weekly Subscription Plan is now N900 and the Daily Subscriotion Plan is N300. To activate the Monthly Package, text “bismonth” to 777. To activate the Weekly Package, Text “bisweek” to 777. To activate the Daily Package, text “bisday” to 777.

Glo Mobile Nigeria Self Help Instructions:

  • Text ‘BIS’ to 777 on how to activate a BIS package
  • Text ‘STATUS’ to 777 to check the usage status of your current subscription.
  • Text ‘POINTS’ to 777 to know more about Glo Blackberry Points Program
  • Text ‘POINTS’ to 3333 to track your points
  • Text ‘HELP’ or ‘BB’ to 777 (Glo Subscribers Only) for more information
  • Text ‘BB’ to 0807 987 7777 (Other Network Subscribers) for more information

Note: For more help and information, please call Customer Care on 333.

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  • dasilva

    tried activating my black berry daily bundle on glo. sms said it was configuring and that i should restart my device, i’ve pulled the battery more than 10 times within the last 3 days and still no activation. new mesage says it cannot configure my device. ,my device is a storm 9530 verizone phone. need help desperately. thank you


    if Glo wants Ghanaians to use their network then they should try as much as possible to cut down their huge charges especially activating the blackberry internet, because the current leaders in the market (MTN) is charging only 0.49 for daily social and 2.99 for weekly but Glo is charging 1.50 for daily and 10.00 for weekly and I think that is very bad as far as competition is concern. thank you. BANDA

  • JJ

    please can your data plan work for blackberry verizon

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