Are South Africans Buying More Tech than their US Counterparts?

Surprisingly, a new survey (Accenture’s 2013 Consumer Electronics Products and Services Usage Report) has revealed that South Africans spent more on consumer technology in 2012 than the average US consumer, it was also discovered that South Africans spent more than many countries in Europe including the UK, Germany, France, and Sweden.

The report reveals that South Africans spent $940 (R8,352) over the past 12 months on consumer electronics in 2012 when compared to US consumers that spent $848 in 2012, it is expected that South Africans will spend $1,164 (R10,340) this year, US consumers in comparison will spend $970 over the next 12 months.

The report which surveyed 11,000 consumers across 11 countries indicated that Consumers in China spent the most, at an average $1,251 in 2012, lifting to $1,489 over the next 12 months, it also showed that consumers in Germany spent $927, with a predicted rise to $1,082 over the next 12 months, South Africa represents 9% of the sample.


  • Consumers are focusing on fewer, multiple-function devices. Purchase intentions for single-function devices are flattening or declining as smartphones, tablets, PCs and high-definition televisions climb at double-digit rates.
  • Consumers are not locked into any single platform. Consumers know about the operating system of their devices but the research does not suggest loyalty to a specific operating system.
  • As consumers experiment and search for the technologies and services that best meet their needs, cloud-based services and apps are showing substantial increase in use. A significant increase in use of apps and online services is occurring among both younger and older generations.
  • The increasing capabilities and rapid adoption of mobile multi-function devices are fueling the continued ‘consumerization’ of IT in the workplace. As consumers increasingly do multiple activities on their mobile devices they are also choosing to use these devices for work purposes and finding productivity improvements in doing so

The report clearly shows that South Africans are spending more on tech their US counterparts, spending more does not necessarily mean buying more, do you think that South Africans are spending and getting more value for what they spend on these consumer electronics?

Some already argue that the cost of tech gadget is more than the price of the same product in US, UK or any of these European countries listed above, do you think that South Africans are also getting more value for what they spent on tech

[via BusinessTech]

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