Apps that will Bring Exclusive Features of Best Android Devices To Your Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy keeps a display turned on while a user is looking at it, LG Optimus can launch apps in a small pop-up window, and Motorola Razr can do the tasks according to a schedule. Flagship Android devices have unique and exclusive features that help them to stand out in the crowd of all Android devices. But you can have the same features on your device by installing certain apps. Here’re some of such apps.


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Alternative for LG QSlide and Samsung Pop-Up Play

Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Optimus have two similar options though they’re realized in different ways. QSlide and Pop-Up Play allow working with several tasks by opening two windows on a screen. You can get this function by installing a third-party app. Those who need to work in browser and in another application at the same time will like the app called Floating Browser Flux. It is a web navigator that allows resizing of its window. If you install a Super Video player, you’ll be able to move its floating window. AirCalc allows working with a calculator and looking at something on the screen simultaneously.


Floating Browser Flux

Alternative for LG QTranslator

QTranslator function built in the LG Optimus devices allows translating inscriptions found in the photos made with the device (for example, menus, road signs, etc.). Currently it supports instant translation from 44 languages into 64 languages. For other smartphones this function is provided by the CamDictionary app. Paid version supports even more languages that can be downloaded into your smartphone’s internal memory. This will help you in case you don’t have access to the Internet.



Alternative for LG QuickMemo and Samsung S Pen Easy Clip

QuickMemo function (which is exclusive for LG Optimus devices) allows users to create notes above any other content. You can select any detail on the screen, create a note with your finger and then share the image with other users. Samsung S Pen Easy Clip function pre-installed in Galaxy Note II allows quick selecting and cutting content on a screen in order to work with it further on.

You can get a similar function by installing Floating Draw. This app allows drawing atop other images on a display. For comfortable launching you’ll see a special icon in the bottom right corner.

Alternative for Samsung Smart Stay

One of the most notable functions of Galaxy S3 and S4 gadgets is user’s eye tracking. Its essence is that the display won’t turn off while a user keeps looking at it. Other gadgets block displays automatically if there’s no user activity. You can change the situation by installing a free app called SmartStay Ex. It offers even more functions that the native Samsung app. The functions of Samsung Smart Stay include only turning on and off the function, while SmartStay Ex allows setting the frequency of user’s face scanning and the speed of blocking. The activity of the app is reflected by changing app’s icon color on the task board.


Smart Stay Ex

Alternative for LG Vu Talk

LG Vu Talk allows its users to exchange notes and images while talking to each other on the phone. The sketches are synchronized with each other and are shown simultaneously. The app SyncSpace has the same functions. But unlike the LG app, SyncSpace allows exchanging information not only with LG Optimus Vu II devices, but also with other Android and iOS gadgets.



Alternative for Smasung S Beam

Samsung S Beam is an improved Android 4 standard function. It helps you to send contacts and other data to another device via NFC technology by simply putting two gadgets close to each other. South Korean manufacturer improved the speed of connection up to 10 times by using Wi-Fi modules for data transfer. Programs WiFi Direct and Send! will perform this function for you if you don’t have S Beam function.

Alternative for HTC People Widget

One of the most popular functions of the HTC Sence UI is a widget called People. This widget shows you all the latest updates from your friends in social networks. If you don’t have an HTC but want such a widget, then you need to install either Taptu or BlingBoard. They will perform the same functions as People.



Alternative for Motorola Smart Actions

All owners of the Motorola best devices can set tasks for their smartphones and the conditions under which the tasks should be fulfilled. For example, to turn on/off the sound on your device when you’re at home. You can do the same with PhoneWeaver or Tasker apps (both of them are paid apps). The latter has more than 200 pre-installed rules and conditions and has more user-friendly interface (in my opinion).



Alternative for Samsung Motion Gesture

Motion Gesture function allows Samsung users to turn off the sound by turning the smartphone screen down. Or set auto-dialing for a number when a user puts the device to his or her ear. These functions can be realized on other Android smartphone by installing Flip Silent or Easy Answer free apps.


Flip Silent

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