5 Important Tips For Starting a Technology Blog

5 Tips For Starting a Technology Blog

Starting a technology blog can be very rewarding. Not only can it be fun and interesting, but it can possibly be lucrative. If you want to have a tech blog that succeeds, you do need to work hard and go the extra mile, to make it really stand out. Doing important things can really get you going and above the competition. The most important thing with a tech blog is to set up your site correctly. The design of your site should have your user in mind. So with a tech blog, it can be fancier and harder to navigate than other blogs. Since most of your readers will be more tech savvy to begin with. At the same time, keeping it clutter free and easy to navigate makes a lot of sense.

Define what you want to blog about. Technology is a huge field. It would be wise to narrow down what you want to blog about. Whether it be about smart phones, operating systems or motherboards. By sticking to a solid core topic, you will keep visitors on your site longer and coming back, with greater interest. It is much easier to become an authority on a tech subject if you blog about it often.

Consult other successful tech blogs. Not necessarily what you are going to write about. But see how other blogs have had their success. What stands out about them, how often do they post and so on. Learning and following successful blogs will help you understand how to emulate that success as well.

Contribute frequently. Many bloggers will put up a site and not post frequently enough. When starting out, a blogger needs to post often, daily if possible, at least until they build an audience. This is because, if you only post weekly or less, you can lose return visitors. If a visitor returns, and does not see new posts, they may assume that the blogger has moved on, therefore bringing out of their rotation. This is especially important with tech blogs, as the landscape changes so quickly.

Blogging about obscure topics can get great results. It is easier to become an authority, and get solid traffic if writing about more obscure tech ideas or products. For example, writing about IPADS may be fun, and a potential huge audience. But to break in and become an authority on the subject is difficult.

Starting a tech blog can be a lot of fun, and a great learning experience. Not only that, but it can potentially be a lucrative and rewarding venture. The most important thing is to enjoy it and blog about things that truly do interest you.

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