13 Year Old Kenyan Boy’s Invention That Scares Off Lions

It was a serious problem for the thirteen-year-old bright Kenyan Richard Turere when hungry lions started attacking his family’s precious herd of cattle. So the little boy had to devise an innovative low-tech but ingenious solution to tackle the problem and keep the lions away from humans.

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“I grew up hating lions very much,” says Turere, who is from Kitengela, just south of the capital Nairobi. “They used to come at night and feed on our cattle when we were sleeping.”

Two years ago, Turere finally decided it was time to figure out a way of protecting his family’s cows, sheep and goats from the menace of the hungry lions




Richard realised that lions were afraid of coming near the farm’s stockade when someone was walking with a flashlight, that was his eureka/light bulb moment, He had to come up with a rather simple idea

“One day, when I was walking around,” he says, “I discovered that the lions were scared of the moving light.”

Perhaps the most impressive side of the story is that Turere devised and installed the whole system by himself, without getting any form of training whatsoever in Engineering, the other side of the story is that Turere had to come up with this solution with zero funding or resources

“I did it myself, no one taught me, I just came up with it,” Turere said. “I had to look after my dad’s cows and make sure that they were safe.”

His ingenuity has been recognised and will be featured in  TED 2013 conference, that is to be held in California later this week, Turere will be sharing stage with some of the world’s greatest minds, thinkers, scintists and innovators

Turere hopes to work in aviation when he grows up.

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