12 New Technologies That Could Change Your World

Within the past couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of amazing things in the world of technology, we’ve seen computing speeds increase exponentially, space stations built, and the broadband and internet boom, technological advancement is moving so fast today in a way that is previously unimaginable.

2012 brought innovations to the world through new mobile phone apps, 3D television improvements, and sleek computer designs. 2013 promises to be just as innovative with new technology for smart phones, digital cameras, electric automobiles, and more.  Listed beow are some of the new areas in Technology we believe could make a big difference to your world, we welcome your contributions.

1. Holographic Imaging and Gaming

Holography is a method or technique that enables three-dimensional images to be made. “It involves the use of a laser, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the recording. The image changes as the position and orientation of the viewing system changes in exactly the same way as if the object were still present, thus making the image appear three-dimensional”.

Technology has now come to the point of developing holographic images that are more lifelike than ever. These holograms will be brought to the public in theatres and on video gaming systems rumoured to be released in 2013

2. The Basis Band for Everyday Health

This wristband monitors heart rate, caloric intake, calories burned, and steps taken, just to name a few. The new technology measures the body’s algorithms through the skin and gives immediate feedback to the person wearing it. The Basis is a great fitness motivator to those who like to track their progress from day to day. The information stored in the band can be printed out.

3. A Car App That Has Your Back

Car manufacturers have been integrating cell phone technology into their products for a couple of years already. Apple was the first to join with auto makers to make smart cars. This new technology is designed to save the driver from traffic tickets. It is call the Escort and warns the driver of places radar has been used recently and where police officers are hidden with speed guns. When initiated, Escort pops up a map with several colours indicating when radar was last detected in an area. Red means radar had been used within the past half hour. Yellow means radar was used in the past hour. Red indicates radar had been used within the past two hours. This is a great app for drivers with led feet.

4. Quooq: The Suez Chef from France

The French introduced Quooq as a kitchen helper that has a splash proof screen and is elevated so that any spills will run underneath it. This handy tablet comes with its own docking station that has legs. Quooq is accompanied with thousands of recipes and tips already installed.

5. The Newest Folding Electric Car

The students of MIT now bring the world the Hiroko folding electric car. This car is so small that three of them can fit in a traditional parking spot when folded. The car should be a hit in areas where parking is at a premium. However, it only gets about 75 miles to a charge

6. Cell Powered Laptops

Laptops are now being made through the usage of hydrogen fuel cells in order to create power. Using this method of bringing power to the computer could not only save energy, but it could reduce the weight, size, and overall cost of the device.

7. An Invisible Army 

This technology works by fooling night-vision goggles into seeing something other than what is really there. Through heat conduction and heat wave technology, these British tanks exploit night-vision vulnerabilities by using different shape templates and heat to disguise objects. The goggles may see an elk, for example, instead of a tank.

8. Windshield Wipers that Really Wipe Your Wind shield

These windshield wipers have fluid dispensers built into the blades rather than requiring them to be squirted, which can temporarily disrupt drivers’ vision. Not only that, the fluid is heated inside the tank so that it will melt away ice and snow instantly.

9. Home Surveillance Through Cable Providers

The home security company ADT has partnered with cable providers to offer home protection and monitoring that they control. Through already existing digital and wireless cable signals, the entire house can be watched, the lights can be turned on and off, and levels of carbon monoxide can be determined.

10. A Phone and Assistant All in One

iPhone’s personal assistant, Siri, had the press and many consumers bursting with good things to say. Asking the phone a simple question, such as an address, gets a response from a somewhat sexy female voice. The hidden female keeps track of work schedules, calendar events, and can answer any questions that would be put to a search engine. The assistant became a cultural icon as it was used on talk shows and it was a sit com characters love interest for an episode. 

11. Backing Up Made Safer

Many devices have been created to warn those around us that we are backing up. This latest technology utilizes a sensor which bounces off nearby objects and notifies the driver when there is something behind the car that may not be visible. It also uses a camera to transmit pictures to the driver. This technology is guaranteed to save at least one life.

12. A Computer without Start-up Time

The Memster is a computer chip that can remember the last task it was on before the computer was turned off, allowing for the computer to zero start up time the next time it is booted.

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