10 Stylish Computer Keyboards You’ve Never Seen

1. Maltron Single-Handed Keyboard

Maltron single or one hand keyboards have been developed to be used by one hand, the keyboard was developed with the aim of meeting the needs of those that type or perform operations with one hand. The shape of the keyboard perfectly matches natural hand movement with the arrangement of keys that minimises finger movement, increasing speed and relieving frustration. An impressive writing speed of eighty five words per minute has been achieved with solely one hand using this keyboard. Read more about this keyboard


2. The Roll-Up Keyboard

With the increasing popularity of netbooks, tablets, and other small typing devices, there’s always a need for a normal sized keyboard that is comfortable for our fat fingers especially when we are on the road, we can keep our full sized keyboard at home or office and travel with a portable keyboard that can do the same job

This keyboard comes with 104 keys in standard QWERTY layout, it’s very portable and you can roll it up when you’re done using it – perfect for those that have become frustrated with inflexible keyboards

Product Specifications

  • 108-key roll-up keyboard for typing on the go
  • 100% silicone, latex-free construction, virtually indestructible
  • Silent operation makes it ideal for computing away from home
  • Ergonomic key arrangement, including Power, Sleep, and Wake keys
  • Number, Scroll, and Caps Lock with LED indicators
  • Easy-to-clean, hygienic surface resists dust, moisture, spills, and contaminants. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. (Do not clean with any harsh solvents.)
  • 5,000,000 keystroke switch life
  • Voltage: +5 V DC +/- 250 mA
  • USB cable length: 50 inches
  • Dimensions: 19″ x 5.5″ x 0.6″
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Made for Windows, but works on Macs, too! (The Windows key works as the Command key on a Mac.)


3. Magic Pro ProMini Wireless Keyboard

ProMini Wireless keyboard is just as the name implies, a mini keyboard that you can use to fully control your computer in your palm. It also supports iPad (3.2, 4.0)/iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS (4.0+)/Smart Mobile System/Nokia Symbian S60 System/Android System/Windows Mobile 6.0, a 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard (Keyboard, TouchPad, Laser Pointer)pro_mini_keyboard

4. AlphaGrip

Perfect for gaming, this is an all-in-One keyboard with Gaming pad, Ergonomic Keyboard and Ergonomic Trackball


5. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

With Logitech Wireless star K750, there’s no need to worry about the battery of the keyboard as it comes with Solar-powered keyboard, all you need is any light source to keep your keyboard charged for at least three months in total darkness, it’s only only 1/3-inch thick, Works with Windows-based laptop and desktop PCs


6. Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Soft Tactile Mechanical Keyboard

Ever thought of a keyboard without key cap inscriptions? It is believed that with no keys when typing, your brain will adapt and memorize the key position hence resulting to faster typing speed.


7. Optimus Maximus

Each key is a stand-alone display that shows the function currently assigned to it, comes with super customization choices.


8. Logitech Gaming G510

Logitech G510 is perfect for gamers, It comes with a Game Panel alphanumeric display, that displays notifications, you can get it for approx $100 from Amazon



9. The Frogpad

Why type with two hands when you can do it with one, this is the ideal one hand keyboard complement to joysticks, touchscreens, control panels, optical sensors.



10. Combimouse

Patented and Award Winning Design Combination Keyboard and Mouse featuring a standard QWERTY keyboard and integrated standard mouse


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